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Flexible allocation of commercial office space to suit investment demand

Wangjing SOHO has an overall all commercial construction area of 52,793 square meters area, of which the above ground area is 40,465 square meters, and below ground area is 12,328 square meters.


  • Commercial distribution is mainly in the B1, F1 and F2 levels, the tail areas of T1 T2 F6 (5) level, the three high-rise towers are surrounded by three independent small commercial towers.

  • Commercial storey height: B1 level 5.2 m; F1, F2 levels 5.0 m; F3, F5 (4), F6 (5) levels 4.1 m; Three small commercial towers F1, F2, F3 levels 5.0 m.

  • Underground commercial area connected to the first floor lobby of the three office towers, B1 level commercial area is easily accessible to office traffic.

  • The majority of F1, F2 level commercial space will be accessible by indoor stairways, allowing for the connection of the upper and lower level businesses.

  • 100-400 square meters of construction area makes up 81% of the commercial area.

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Wangjing SOHO

Wangjing Street at Fu An Road

Chaoyang District, Beijing