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  • Wangjing SOHO is located in the core area of ​​the Chaoyang District, Beijing Wangjing area, West Street, east Futong south Fuan East Road, Wangjing Street, west, north to Fu Xi Road.
  • Sanyuan Bridge Station of the surrounding rail transportation facilities, subway line 14 (under construction), the 15th line of intersection in the Wangjing station, can quickly reach Metro Line 13 Wangjing West Station, Line 10 and the Airport Express Line.
  • Near highways, 25 minutes arrived at the Capital International Airport, World Trade Center, the Asian Games Village and the Olympic Village is the most convenient transportation in Beijing, from the city center, the latest high-tech Industrial Development Zone.
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A Base for Multinational Headquarters in China

Currently, Wangjing is a gathering place for the head offices of many Fortune 500 companies in China including giant manufacturers Daimler Benz, Caterpillar, ABB, electronic communications companies Siemens, Microsoft, Lucent Technologies, Nortel Networks and food biotechnology company Nestle among others. Wangjing SOHO as well as Lai Shing Hong Machinery, Focus Square and other buildings close by, in addition to buildings under construction such as Green Center and the POSCO Center office building, form nearly one million square meters of office environment in the Wangjing District.

An Increasingly Mature Diverse International Community

Wangjing District has a population of approximately 30 million people. It is an eclectic international community including many expatriates, many of which are Japanese and Korean. The Wangjing area is adjacent to the fourth planned embassy zone, which will be an area of 16 square kilometers, and accommodate a large community with a population of 500-600 thousand, the equivalent of a standard medium-sized city.

Flourishing Business Structure

The Wangjing district is commercially developed with large malls such as Capita Retail, Ito Yokado, IKEA, Wal-Mart, Hualian, and only 10 minutes away from the Dali commercial district, the Lufthansa business district and other high-end consumer areas. In 2010, the Beijing Municipal Government identified the Wangjing International Business District as Beijing’s second strategically planned CBD as a part of the “12th five year plan”.

Strong Cultural Atmosphere

Wangjing is in close proximity to the 798 Art District and the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and is the meeting place for creative intellectualism and avant-garde art, with the Fang Cao Di Art District, China Film Museum and other cultural venues close by.

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Wangjing SOHO

Wangjing Street at Fu An Road

Chaoyang District, Beijing